Independent country artist Tanner Adell on how appearing on Beyoncé’s latest album is catapulting her career


Tanner Adell, who was recently recognized as one of CMT’s “Next Women of Country,” is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity with a 1,500% increase in Spotify listeners after her unexpected appearance on Beyoncé’s latest album, “Cowboy Carter.”

Adell, who just released her new single “Whiskey Blues,” said the rise in fame has been a “unique experience.”

“Not many people have this experience, and I’m kind of just taking it day by day,” she said. “Keeping my blinders on, head down. I’m a really hard worker. Writing a lot, in the studio constantly. I’m just trying to put out more music.”

Adell remained tight-lipped about her studio time with Beyoncé, urging fans to use their imagination about the collaboration, which was kept under wraps until the album’s release. 

“It was a gift for me to be a guest on that album,” Adell said, adding that she found out she was on the album “along with the rest of the world.”

The young artist was also happy to hear the news that Paul McCartney praised Beyoncé on her cover of “Blackbird.” The song has a special connection for Adell, who is featured in the song. 

“My dad is like the biggest Beatles fan, and ‘Blackbird’ is actually his favorite song,” Adell said. “So I kept this a secret from everybody, it was only me and my manager that knew. I called them the night the album came out and was able to tell them. My dad had tears in his eyes.”

Despite challenges faced by artists in Nashville, Adell says she feels fortunate and welcomed. Adell, who released her first single three years ago, credits her success partly to her strategic use of social media and appreciates the support from country music legends and fans alike she received at the CMT Awards

“I have felt nothing but love, to be honest,” Adell said. “There were people who I look up very greatly to, country music legends at the CMT’s coming up to me and telling me they listen to my music, and congratulations, and telling me that I am needed in country music, and that was a very special experience. I was met with nothing but respect.”

Adell, who is biracial and comes from a large blended family, said she has always been deeply connected to her music. 

“It’s always been in just the fabric of my life,” she said. “I feel like it’s how I grew up, the parts of me that are the most authentic and the parts that I really loved the most came from my summers being spent in Star Valley, Wyoming. That’s where my family is, it’s where all my best friends were. It was what I always looked forward to through the school year. It got me through school.”


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