Some diet suggestions to keep your body healthy


A stack of fresh fruits can be seen in this picture. — Unsplash/File
A stack of fresh fruits can be seen in this picture. — Unsplash/File

There are several types of food items in our kitchen which can be healthy and nutritious but there are some items which are not healthy for our consumption. It is true that people do not necessarily eat unhealthy food but if we carefully cut our unhealthy food intake it will benefit us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Starting step by step, the consistency of a healthy diet enables us to achieve our desired health goals and maintain energy in our bodies.

Dietitian Manpreet Singh suggested its viewers to replace some food items from the kitchen with other healthy options to maintain a balanced lifestyle, according to a report by the Indian Express.

She also explained some good recipes of food in her Instagram post.

Cold-pressed virgin oils instead of vegetable oil

Vegetable oil which is processed is a basic part of our daily diet. The oil contains a large number of chemicals and polyunsaturated fats. Its consumption adversely affects health but we can replace it with cold-pressed virgin oils which are healthier and a good alternative.

Jaggery and coconut sugar

Refined white sugar is linked to numerous diseases such as obesity, diabetes and other cardiovascular complications. What people need is sweetness that’s why they use sugar. If this sweetness is attained from a healthy alternative — jaggery or coconut sugar — it would prove far healthier for our bodies.

Fresh fruits over fruit juices

There is a large number of fruit juices in the market and are an instant source of energy, however, most people do not know that it contains low fibre and is a major cause of diabetes. Rather than increasing our intake of high sugar content fruit juice, we should go towards fresh fruits as there are countless benefits already told by nutrition experts and science.

Millet flour

The dietitian also suggested using Millet flour instead of refined flour as it is easily digestible and more nutritious.

Fresh vegetables over frozen ones

There is no alternative to fresh vegetables no matter how fine they are preserved. Doctors always suggest their patients eat seasonal fruits only because of their freshness. While the vegetable is frozen and preserved, they lose their necessary nutritional ingredients. Therefore, fresh vegetables should always be preferred.  

Puffed rice mixture

Manpreet also advised replacing the market mixture with poha mixture by sharing a healthy recipe.


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