Americans ‘roll eyes’ at Meghan Markle, Prince Harry after ‘doing family wrong’


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are no longer considered as ‘royals’ in America.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who are currently living in California, are seen as Hollywood celebrities in the country.

The Fun Lovin Criminals star Huey Morgan told “They gave up their royal titles right, so he’s just a dude living in America like 340 million other people. I don’t think people in America really look at them as royalty, I think they look at Charles, William and his wife as royalty, and he [Harry] is like the dude that skipped, you know.

He then spoke about Harry, adding: “He’s not a royal, but they’re in that whole Hollywood clique, where people kind of look at them and roll their eyes. I mean everyone does to the Hollywood people, but the whole idea of royalty in America is a novelty.”


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