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Last Updated: February 12, 2024, 08:00 IST

The OpenAI chief is a big Apple fan boy and here’s his take on the new product

Apple is garnering big attention for its Vision Pro headset and even the tech bigwigs are excited for the new product.

Apple Vision Pro has got people excited and like every other Apple product it has generated a lot of interest. Even the techies are curious about the device and what it promises for the future of mixed reality. Meta Chief Mark Zuckerberg feels Apple could give his company an Android-like impact in the segment.

And now, OpenAI chief Sam Altman has shared his opinion about the new Apple gizmo, who already views the iPhone as the most-impressive tech that has ever launched. So what does Altman feel about the Vision Pro and where does he rank the device on his list? The OpenAI chief feels the Vision Pro is the second most impressive tech that has been launched.

He said this opinion on the new mixed reality headset via his X post recently. It is interesting that Altman is putting the iPhone above the Vision Pro and it is hard to argue the impact that the former had back when Steve Jobs announced it in front of the world.

Apple Vision Pro is in high demand as expected, with many people living outside the US desperate to get their hands on the device. As per a report by Bloomberg, people are being asked to pay well over $5,000 (Rs 4 lakh approx) for the device which can even cross $6,000 (Rs 5 lakh approx) depending on who the seller is and which model they want to buy.

Experts have pointed out that Apple could have a big impact on the mixed reality segment with the Vision Pro but even they might not have foreseen this level of demand. With the likes of Altman expecting big things from the new Apple product, the future is likely to be an intriguing read for everyone involved in its development and the whole tech fraternity.

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