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Cupertino, California, USA

Apple wants to ditch its electric car project and work on home robots, as per new reports.

Apple wants to ditch its electric car project and work on home robots, as per new reports.

Apple has supposedly ended its plans to make electric vehicles and now it wants to focus on making robots for our house work.

Apple is always on the lookout for new tech advancements and categories where it can succeed. The company has given up on the electric car project as per the latest reports but it seems to have something bigger lined up in the near future. The report from Bloomberg claims Apple is eyeing the home robotics segment which could include a robot that will operate as your helper in the house and follow your instructions.

The company is also planning for a robot with arms that sits on the tabletop, the report adds. Apple is utilising its hardware engineering, its AI, and machine learning division to come up with product design and solutions that could make this segment work.

Having said that, the robotics arm that Apple is likely to set up does not have a concrete timeline for any launches as most of the plans are in the early stage of research and development. Apple sees the home robots helping you with chores like washing dishes and even possibly cooking, which reminds us of the talking robot Rosy in the popular cartoon show the Jetsons from yesteryears.

It is interesting to see Apple shift posts from electric cars to robotics. It would have made a lot of sense for the company to bring EVs to the market as the technology streamlines to a broader category of consumers, and had given Tesla a tough run.

The rumours of Apple winding up that project and now work on robotics suggests it wants to compete in the tech circuit where the likes of Boston Dynamics have shown the need and possibly the demand for robots in the house and factories as well.

Having said that, Apple’s reportedly plans in home robotics is unlikely to be a cakewalk as the physics of developing the architecture to move the motor and the arms along with the display innards sounds like a challenge of its own. And the bigger question is how Apple intends to position these products and does it even see people spending big on a tech that might become mainstream in the next few years.


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