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Bahrain and Qatar have agreed to resume diplomatic relations. The agreement was made in a meeting between dignitaries of the two countries in Saudi Arabia, with both nations.

Foreign ministries separately stating that diplomatic relations will be restored in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Carter and the provisions of the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations.

According to the international media reports “The two sides affirmed that this decision stems from the mutual desire to develop bilateral relations and enhance the Gulf unity and integration according to the [Gulf Cooperation Council] Charter and in respect for the principles of equality between states, national sovereignty and independence, territorial integrity and good neighborliness,” the Qatar ministry of foreign affairs said in a statements.

Bahrain was the last of four countries to resume relations with Qatar after they boycotted Doha in 2017 on accusations it was supporting terrorism and extremism.

The boycott was officially lifted in 2021, which was followed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates agreeing to restore relations with Qatar, leaving Bahrain as the last holdout of the four Gulf nations.

The announcement of the resumption of relations between Bahrain and Qatar on Wednesday occurred during the second meeting in Riyadh on the matter.

Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor in the Biden administration, said the United States welcomes the restoration of ties between “two close U.S. partners and major non-NATO allies.”

“The United States has been working since the start of the Biden administration to encourage regional integration, de-escalation and rapprochement between U.S. partners. A fully unified Gulf Cooperation Council, of which Bahrain and Qatar are key members, is also an important step towards establishing a more stable and prosperous Middle East region,” he said in a statement.

“The United States looks forward to working with all of our partners as we advance this shared vision of a more integrated, stable and prosperous region, which ultimately serves the interests of the United States and the American people.”


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