Chandan Saxena Bridging Melodies And Codes For FinTech Journey


Jaipur 12 February 2024 –  In the realm of Information Technology, few stories are as compelling and multifaceted as that of Chandan Saxena, a Non-Resident Indian whose career spans over 17 years. Saxena’s journey is a blend of dedication, innovation, and problem-solving skills, particularly in the FinTech sector, making him a figure of unparalleled expertise in IT and a respected independent researcher.

Currently, Saxena is making significant strides at Shazam Inc., a firm specializing in debit payment processing, where he leverages his vast experience and knowledge. However, what sets Saxena apart is not just his IT acumen but his deep-rooted connection to music. Raised in a musical family, Saxena began teaching Guitar and Keyboard at the tender age of 12. Even as he pursued a career in IT, he continued teaching music in Pune, impacting over 2000 students, including IT professionals, before 2010. Today, his father and sister continue the musical legacy through Swarodgam Music Classes and Sangeet Vatika in Kota, while Saxena has focused his energies on the IT sector, playing a leading and critical role since 2011.

After earning his engineering degree in 2006, Saxena embarked on his IT journey with multinational companies, working across India, Singapore, and the United States since 2014. His career is distinguished by involvement in several research and development projects within Information Technologies, showcasing his expertise in Cards and Payment, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Cloud technologies. Saxena’s commitment to the IT sector is further demonstrated through his research, publications in internationally acclaimed journals, and patent filings in India.

Saxena’s professional journey has seen him contribute to prestigious organizations such as Mphasis, HSBC Software, Atos Origin, and Wipro Ltd, gaining exposure and experience with clients like Citibank, CapitalOne, and Discover in the United States. He has been instrumental in solving complex interoperability issues with EMV Chip Cards, Point of Sales, Acquirer, Issuer, and Payment Network, proving his mettle as a problem solver in high-stress scenarios. His development of tools and processes for identifying payment fraud, suspicious transactions, and vulnerabilities in payment processing underscores his technical prowess and innovative thinking.


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