Elon Musk Founds New AI Company Called ‘X.AI’ To Compete OpenAI: Report


New Delhi: Tech billionaire Elon Musk has created a new AI company called ‘X.AI’, according to the Verge, which quoted The Wall Street Journal report. Musk incorporated the new company on March 9, 2023 in Nevada as indicated by the state filing. Musk is its director as of now and Jared Birchall, who is the director of Musk’s family office, listed as its secretary.

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Earlier, Financial Times reported that Musk is considering to create its own AI startup to rival OpenAI and for that purpose, he is hiring engineers, coders and acquire funding from SpaceX and Tesla investors. Moreover, he purchased thousands of graphic processing units (GPUs) to power an upcoming generative AI product.

Elon Musk kept shut himself speaking about any such endeavour on Twitter spaces and interviews in the past. During an interview on Twitter spaces, Musk made no mention to the plans of building his own AI company soon when asked about all the GPUs to be purchased by him.

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Musk’s Vision For Everything app called ‘X’

Elon Musk has reiterated his plan to create an everything app called ‘X’ many times in the past. However, he never clarified what it acutally meant, but it suppose to be a product where a user can do everything of utility from shopping to surfing. While purchasing Twitter last year, he mentioned it as  a step  towards creating X app.

The purported X.AI name is in direction of the branding of X corp. name he has assigned to Twitter.

Rise Of Generative AI

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that is capable of generating creative content, such as images, music, text, and even entire videos, without any human intervention. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and learn from large datasets, and then uses this knowledge to create new content that resembles what it has learned.

One of the most common forms of generative AI is text generation, where the algorithm learns from a large corpus of text and generates new text that is similar in style and tone. This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as generating news articles, social media posts, or even creative writing.

Another popular application of generative AI is image and video generation, where the algorithm learns from a large set of images or videos and then generates new content that is similar in style and composition. This can be used for a variety of applications, such as creating realistic 3D models, generating new art, or even producing entire movies.

One of the most exciting aspects of generative AI is its potential to revolutionize the creative industries. With the ability to generate new content quickly and efficiently, artists, writers, musicians, and other creative professionals can leverage generative AI to enhance their work and push the boundaries of what is possible.




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