Elon Musk’s ‘April Fool’s Day joke’ is him joining Disney as ‘Chief DEI officer’?

Elon Musk makes best of “April Fool’s Day” by announcing his joining to Disney. — Reuters/File

Elon Musk said that he will join Disney as their “Chief DEI Officer” in an X post.

He also said that he is “excited” to join the company.

Elon Musk announced his decision to join Disney as their “Chief DEI Officer”, after backing a lawsuit against Walt Disney Co by Star Wars actor Gina Carano. The actor was fired over her social media posts about the Holocaust, the pandemic and trans rights.

“Excited to join Disney as their Chief DEI Officer,” said Elon Musk on X.

He added: “Can’t wait to work with Bob Iger & Kathleen Kennedy to make their content MORE woke! Even the linguini.”

The Tesla CEO’s post on X was shared on April Fool’s Day and since Disney hasn’t shared anything about him joining their organisation, many people think it is a “joke”.

Tesla CEO’s post has gained over 1.4 million views and the numbers are rapidly increasing. The post has also achieved numerous likes and reposts. Moreover, in order to share their thoughts, many even took to the comments section of the post.

A comment from Elon Musk’s parody account read: “Sorry guys, posted this from the wrong account”, to which Musk replied with a laughing emoticon.

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