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Last Updated: March 30, 2024, 12:00 IST

X communities could have space for adult content

X communities could have space for adult content

Elon Musk has already made big changes to X since he rebranded the platform and communities could get some boost as well.

Elon Musk-owned X Corp is building new use cases and features for all its users and soon, the social-media platform could have an ‘adult content’ community for its users. The update was shared by Dong Wook Chung, who is a software engineer at X, and his list of developments at the platform were reposted by Musk himself.

Chung talks about the features that he has been working on for X Communities, where soon you could have the ‘not safe for work’ or NSFW content filtered in new groups that cater to adult content.

The engineer points out that admins can have a label which clearly states that kind of content shared in that community to avoid everyone joining it and then realising the nature of the content posted or talked about in the group. The label will also avoid auto-filtering of the content, Chung points out in his post.

Reports say that X is ready to become a platform where all kinds of content is available, including explicit in nature but the access to these groups is likely to be private and restricted to people who verify their age before getting access to the content in this community.

That’s where the admin has to monitor the content as well as the people entering the private space and making sure they are legally allowed to do so. Musk clearly has a broad set of ideas for X, which has already gone through a huge change since he bought Twitter and did the whole rebranding exercise.

Bringing NSFW content is another way for the platform to appeal to a wider audience and eventually make them pay if that’s a feasible model for the company to adopt. However, X will surely face scrutiny from the law enforcement agencies, especially in the US, where the government is pushing to protect teens and young people in general from online abuse and other issues. For now, the tests are being done, so we’re not even sure if X will actually go live with the feature for everyone.


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