Jonas Brother reveal ‘unspoken rule’ between them after becoming dads


Jonas Brother reveal ‘unspoken rule’ between them after becoming dads
Jonas Brother reveal ‘unspoken rule’ between them after becoming dads

The Jonas Brothers have come a long way in their careers and their personal lives. The brothers, who recently released their new studio album, have all embraced fatherhood proudly.

However, that’s not a subject that they tend to discuss with each other.

On SiriusXM Friday, April 7th, 2023 Kevin Jonas revealed that he and his brothers, Nick and Joe, refrain from giving each other any parenting advice, via People Magazine.

“We really don’t give each other advice about family. It’s kind of like an unspoken rule. We just do our own thing; do it your own way,” Kevin, 35, shared.

When asked if their “unspoken rule” was subconsciously in place given their working relationship, Nick, 30, responded, “Well, think about it. The last thing you want to hear from your siblings is how to parent your child.”

He continued, “I think we all sort of understand that and just say, ‘You do your thing. I’m just gonna show up and be Uncle Nick,’ and that’s how it goes.”

“It’s a really healthy thing that we never really spoke about, but I think it’s the right thing,” Nick added, joking, “So, to all the siblings listening, this is some advice for you.”

All three brothers became girl dads after they married their respective partners.

Kevin was the first to become a dad after welcoming Alena Rose in 2014 and Valentina Angelina in 2016, with his wife Danielle, who he married in December 2009.

Joe and Game of Thrones alum, Sophie Turner, tied the knot in 2019 and have two daughters: two-year-old daughter Willa, and another baby girl born in 2022.

In January 2022, Nick and wife Priyanka Chopra welcomed daughter Malti Marie via surrogate after they married in 2018.


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