Jonas Brothers detail plans for Yankee Stadium concert setlist

Jonas Brothers detail plans for Yankee Stadium concert setlist

The Jonas Brothers surprised their fans on Tuesday as they announced their upcoming concert at Yankee Stadium for this summer.

In the latest interview, the Jonas Brothers star siblings; Nick, Joe and Kevin detailed their plans for the setlist on the upcoming August show.

Revealing the news, the popular band, on their Instagram account shared, “NEW YORK! We’ve been dreaming about this one our whole lives.”

“Five albums. One Epic Night,” and shared the date, “Saturday, August 12 at Yankee Stadium.”

During the interview on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, Nick, 30, said, “the plan will be basically, play the familiar songs from each album, and then do medleys and sort of different versions of each song. But we will play pretty much every song from all the albums.”

“Someone can say ‘oh that’s going to be a really long show.’ But the reality is that when some of these earlier albums came out we were teenagers with tons of energy. So the tempo of the songs were a little faster, the songs are pretty short. So it’s actually not going to be that long.”

The Jonas Brothers joined the radio program to promote their newly released song Waffle House.

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