King Charles realised Prince Harry was not ‘university type’


King Charles realised younger son Prince Harry was not ‘scholar’ enough to attend college.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex talks about his father’s support in decision to not join a university for an undergraduate.

He pens: “Not that I was anti-university, per se. In fact, the University of Bristol looked interesting. I’d pored over its literature, even considered a course in art history. (Lots of pretty girls took that subject.) But I just couldn’t picture myself spending years bent over a book.”

He continues: “My Eton housemaster couldn’t either. He’d told me straight-out: You’re not the university type, Harry. Now Pa added his assent. It was no secret, he said gently, that I wasn’t the ‘family scholar.’ He didn’t mean it as a dig. Still, I winced.”


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