Muslims have exclusive rights to pray inside Al Aqsa mosque: OIC – SUCH TV


The Organ­isation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) adopted a joint resolution on Saturday, emphasiSing that Muslims have an exclusive right to pray inside the Al Aqsa mosque.

In Doha, Qatar announced that it has started mediation to reduce tensions in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

On Thursday, the UN Security Council convened an emergency session to consider Israeli violence against Palestinian worshippers in Al Aqsa this week. The closed-door meeting was called by the UAE, the Arab League’s representative in the council, and China, one of its five permanent members.

The session followed two days of continued Israeli violence against worshippers inside the mosque and a rocket attack inside Israel on the Jewish Passover holiday.

The OIC resolution, passed at an extraordinary meeting of its executive council in Jeddah and made available at the UN headquarters in New York, reaffirmed the centrality of the Palestinian Cause, with Al-Quds Ash-Sharif and its sanctities at its heart, for the entire Islamic Ummah.

It underlined the eternal attachment of Muslims all over the world to the Al Aqsa mosque. The resolution also affirmed the Arab and Islamic identity of occupied East Al-Quds, the capital of the State of Palestine.

The resolution condemned the dangerous escalation by the Israeli occupation forces and terrorist settlers by repeatedly storming the blessed Al Aqsa Mosque during Ramazan. It noted that the escalation culminated in “the atrocious brutal attack on the night of 14th Ramazan on worshipers and those stationed in its courtyards while performing their prayers and rituals, including women and children.

The resolution warned of the consequences of the continued infringement by “the Israeli occupation authorities, their officials, and terrorist settlers” on the sanctity of the Al Aqsa mosque.

It held Israel accountable for the consequences of these dangerous and provocative actions, “as it continues to seek, through systematic brutal attacks, deliberate provocation, and repeated incitement, to inflame the situation and provoke a religious confrontation”.


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