Prince Harry called out over his complaints about Royal family: ‘Biggest brat’

Prince Harry called out over his complaints about Royal family: ‘Biggest brat’

Prince Harry received intense criticism over his complaints about royal family despite living a privileged lifestyle by Ryan-Mark Parsons.

Bashing the Duke of Sussex, the GB News commentator branded him the “biggest brat” while saying that he actually admires his wife Meghan Markle’s journey from being an actor to a member of the Royal family.

“I was listening to [Spare] on audiobook but it was excruciating,” Parsons said. “My attitude and my feelings towards them as a couple has changed recently because I always saw them equally to be the villains.”

“I was never anti-Meghan – but now a lot of my anger and my bitterness is at Harry. She is an actress, she is in showbiz,” he added as per The Express.

“I can appreciate where she is coming from and I actually admire what she has been able to do,” the Apprentice star stated before saying that he admired the Suit alum’s “tenacity”.

“She married Harry and by default, she became a member of the Royal Family and that instantly projects you into the global limelight. I admire her journey,” he said.

“But when it comes to him and especially after listening to Spare this guy is the biggest brat.”

Parsons noted that he can see parallels between his privately-educated classmates who “moan about everything” branding it “rich people problems.”

“It’s all this complaining when you’ve got so much wealth, privilege and access,” he continued. “I see the parallels with [Harry]. Yes, his family was difficult and he was competing with his brother, all of these allegations he made in the documentary and Spare.”

“He writes about his family. It’s painful. He’s got an amazing life, an amazing family and wife. This multi-million dollar house in California. Just enjoy that.”

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