ReALM Apple AI: What is it and will it beat OpenAI’s GPT-4?


ReALM Apple AI: Tech major Apple has developed a new artificial intelligence system. The Cupertino-based company has claimed that the new AI model – named ReALM (Reference Resolution As Language Modeling) – will aid voice assistants like Siri.

ReALM Apple AI: What is it?

OpenAI’s GPT-4 has taken the world by storm and despite several other options, people are banking on this platform for precise results. Tech majors like Google and Apple are trying to beat GPT-4 but have been unable to do so. 

ReALM AI isn’t the first foray into the artificial intelligence space for Apple. The company has been working aggressively on AI and with ReALM AI it seeks to improve existing AI models. 

According to a research paper published by the company, ReALM can “substantially outperform” OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 LLMs (large language models). 

ReALM Apple AI: How does it work?

The company said that ReALM functions by reconstructing the screen visually, labelling each entity and location on the screen to offer context clues for user requests to voice assistants like Siri.

The paper sought to demonstrate “how LLMs can be used to create an extremely effective system to resolve references of various types, by showing how to reference resolution can be converted into a language modelling problem, despite involving forms of entities like those on screen that are not traditionally conducive to being reduced to a text-only modality.”

“ReALM an ideal choice for a practical reference resolution system that can exist on-device without compromising on performance,” the research paper noted, adding, “We find that due to finetuning on user requests, ReaLM is able to understand more domain-specific questions.”

The development holds significance as it comes ahead of the launch of iOS 18 in June at WWDC 2024. However, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything on the research or whether it will actually be part of iOS 18 yet.


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