SIM-Swap Fraud: Kolkata-Based Man Lost More Than Rs 72 Lakh – Here’s How

New Delhi: Another online SIM switch scam instance cost a businessman in Kolkata more than Rs 72 lakh. In connection with the investigation, two people have been detained. According to a Telegraph India article, the businessman’s SIM card was used fraudulently by cybercriminals to withdraw more than 72 lakh from his bank account.

Rajat Kundu and Sanjib Haldar were named as the couple. They were taken into custody at their Dakshineswar and Sodepur residences (on the northern fringes of Kolkata). The victim had lost Rs 72.42 lakh in a SIM-swapping case in which both were engaged, the police said the publication. (Also Read: FD Interest Rates For Senior Citizens 2023: These Banks Offer Rates Over 9%)

In December 2022, the complainant, a business owner in Posta, West Bengal, reported having lost Rs 72.42 lakh as a result of six unlawful transactions. Following an investigation, the police learned that the fraudsters had stolen the victim’s SIM card using SIM-swapping in order to take the money without his knowledge. (Also Read: Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana: Your Girl Child Will Get Rs 65 Lakh Return – Check Calculator Here)

“This method of operation is known as SIM swapping. The scammers start by forging the target’s identity documents. They then use that person’s identification paper to report the loss of that person’s SIM card to a police station.

They go to the telecom service provider with the general diary entry in hand and ask for a new SIM after making the general diary entry. The previous SIM card, which is still in the owner’s hands when a new one is given, immediately gets disabled, according to a member of the anti-bank fraud unit.

When his SIM card was blocked without his knowledge in this situation, the victim did not complain. The public has been advised by the police to use caution when using their SIM cards and to contact the authorities right away if they detect any fraudulent activity.

Sanjib Haldar and Rajat Kundu were detained by the anti-bank fraud division of the detective department in Lalbazar for their involvement in the SIM-swap fraud case. To avoid such frauds, the police have asked individuals to be watchful and to refrain from disclosing their personal information to anyone.

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