Victoria Beckham urges Brooklyn to try something else ‘career-wise’ amid trolling

Victoria Beckham has difficult time seeing her son Brooklyn Beckham get trolled and bullied online over his cooking skills.

Hence, the fashion designer has been urging the aspiring chef to “try something else career-wise” as it breaks her heart when social media users criticize him under his cooking videos.

However, Brooklyn, who has tried his hand at football and photography before settling on cooking, has told his mother that he is not a “quitter.”

Speaking of the hate Brooklyn receives to Heat Magazine, an insider said, “Vic’s convinced it’s going to wear him down if he doesn’t try something else or at least get a little more training in before he fully commits to this career path.”

“She’s all for giving something a go even if you might not be that qualified and critics are out to get you, but it’s harder for Vic to stomach when it’s her own son,” the insider added.

The source went on to add that Victoria and her husband David Beckham “know better than anyone how cruel people can be when you’re in the public eye.”

“Vic has told Brooklyn it’s never too late to try something else career-wise if he is fed up with being made fun of, but he’s told her he’s not a quitter and is determined to make a name for himself and not be a laughing stock.

Before concluding, the source shared, “Ultimately, she’ll do anything to protect him, even if it does make her feel very emotional.”

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