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Iranian authorities are to use cameras in public places to identify women who violate the country’s hijab law, state media reported.

Women in Iran risk arrest for not covering their hair. Many have been defying the mandatory dress code as part of the widespread protests that followed the death of a young woman in custody for allegedly violating hijab rules.

Authorities, though, show no sign of backing down on the issue.

“In an innovative measure and in order to prevent tension and conflicts in implementing the hijab law, Iranian police will use smart cameras in public places to identify people who break the norms,” the state-aligned Tasnim news agency quoted police as saying.

After the women have been identified, they would be sent warning messages which detail the specific time and place they had “violated” the law, according to Tasnim.

“In the context of preserving values, protecting family privacy and maintaining the mental health and peace of mind of the community, any kind of individual or collective behavior against the law, will not be tolerated,” Tasnim reported.

A viral video earlier this month showed a man throwing yogurt on two women for not wearing the hijab.

Both were later arrested for breaking Iran’s dress code.


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