Millet Mania: This Ragi Recipe Is The Best Way To Include Super Grains In Your Diet


Raagi recipe: Millets are also known as coarse grains, a category of small-seeded grasses that have been grown for more than a thousand years in many different regions of the world. They are extensively utilised in many traditional cuisines and are sustainable, gluten-free, nutrient-rich, and an alternative to rice and wheat. 

There are countless ways to include millet in your meals, from rotis and porridge to cakes and sweets. Millets will give your cuisine a unique touch, whether you’re a health-conscious cook or just searching for a new ingredient to spice up your dishes.

A fantastic alternative to unhealthy snacking options is a healthy Ragi energy bar/ball which are filled with nutrients that will provide you with energy. A healthy Ragi bar is full of the benefits of ragi and make a delicious breakfast or evening snack. They are also high in calcium and iron. This innovative recipe’s ingredients are all wholesome and provide an energising flavour at the same time. This bar can help youngsters who get hungry in the middle of the day, essentially.

It’s time for the modest finger millet to take centre stage, so move over, to rice and wheat! These little grains may have historically been eclipsed by their more well-known relatives, but they are currently regaining popularity in the cooking and nutritional industries.

So we bring you a healthy and tasty energy snack recipe by Mrs Shilpa Kumar, In house organic recipe curator at Akshayakalpa Organic which can satisfy your hunger and is tasty.

Let’s make this simple yet highly nutritious energy ball at home and make healthy eating a wise resolution. Enjoy the goodness of nature’s gift with a dash of organic honey and ghee and snack on it when you are on the go and have very limited time to spare for your meal!


1- 2 tbsps organic ghee

2- 2 tbsp organic honey

3- 50 gms of each variety of edible seeds ( pumpkin, melon, flax, sunflower, cucumber, watermelon, niger seeds, poppy seeds, til( black or white)- roasted well

4- Soft dates-150gms- washed and ground well to fine paste

5- Dry ginger powder-1/2 tsp


1. Dry roast all the seeds until a pleasant aroma emanates and allow them to cool completely.

2. Dry Grind dates to a fine paste

3. Dry Grind all the seeds coarsely without adding any water

4. Mix well with warm ghee all the seeds powder, dates and honey until the dough comes clear to make a ball without being very sticky on the fingers.

5. Knead well. With ghee-smeared palms make round lemon-sized balls or bars, and allow them to cool. Serve as energy ball/bars to your friends and family.


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